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EPL: Hornets vs EFC

Having got 8 points after 4 games unbeaten in the last 5 rounds in the Premier League, Everton has temporarily risen to a position in a safe area on the table (ranked 13th). Of course, it is still too early to say that this team can have peace of mind in the relegation battle this season but if they can continue to maintain their current stable performance for a long time, even "The Toffees". It is quite possible to think of higher goals as a relegation.

However, the advantage will come in round 25 when their opponent will be the 19th ranked team on the table, Watford, the goal will be a victory and it will not be too difficult for Carlo Ancelotti's teachers and students to achieve. been targeted by them at the moment they are in a relatively good form. The present also proves the optimism of the house on a positive result for Everton in this first round.
Watford this season is still a potential candidate for relegation but fairly speaking with the current performance (not winning in the last 2 rounds), it will be very difficult for them to be able to surprise a Everton version. field more. Currently, the Vicarage Road team is ranked 19th on the table and the safety zone is correct on the sub-index, this is a distance too easy to level.

But if you do not play really well, surely this gap is not only not narrowed but more likely to be widened. Welcoming the opponent who is more than 6 places in the rankings is Everton, this is also not a good opportunity for teachers and coach Nigel Pearson to end their disappointing performance with a convincing victory and they should understand that the team itself New guests are those who are a bit better in terms of performance.

According to statistics, the last 5/7 matches of Watford and the latest match of Everton have appeared at least 3 goals scored. The percentage of fortunes has been raised to 2.1 / 2 goals as currently. showed great confidence of the professionals about a jubilant match. Therefore, it is absolutely possible to believe in the match in this match.