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EPL: LCFC vs Blues

Threatened to 4th place in the table when the team ranked behind - Manchester United shortened the gap to only 6 points after failing to win in the last 3 rounds in the Premier League, so Chelsea's mission in the match in the upcoming round 25. 

Leicester must win all 3 points to have the opportunity to widen the gap with the pursuing group. However, this is clearly not an easy goal with "The Blues" and it should be remembered that Leicester owns a home advantage in this match.
Undefeated 3/5 last round with a defensive line is not easy to defeat, at this time Leicester has gradually shown its position in the race to the Top 4. Of course, the season is still half way further. is just over and the King Power Stadium will need a lot more effort to fulfill their ambitions but it is important that they need to find a way to get points when facing the big teams.

And welcoming Chelsea at home in round 25 is such a match, the goal that the coach of Frank Lampard's army aims to be a winning ratio and also remember that in this season "The Foxes" is not good play but also quite stable, so that the fans of the King Power Stadium team should also prepare the spirit for the next good result of the "pet" team.

Statistics show that, 3/4 of Leicester's last match has had at least 3 times the net shake. Besides, the determination to win will cause the two teams to rush to attack to find the goal from the beginning. Therefore, the new door is a reasonable choice in this match.