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EPL: The Magpies vs Norwich

Norwich at the moment is obviously causing their fans to worry because of the disappointing performance when they lost in the last 2/3 rounds and fell to the final position on the table with a distance of 6 points. compared to the safety group. It is this poor performance that makes Carrow Road's home team underestimated their 25th opponent Newcastle.

Therefore, the away field disadvantage in this match will also make the players of coach Daniel Farke face many pressures during 90 minutes of play. Therefore, they need to keep themselves a "steel spirit" to be able to bring back at least 1 point, thereby ending disappointing performance in the past.
Undefeated in the last 3 consecutive games in the Premier League, it is the achievement of Newcastle in recent times, although not too impressive, but for a team that is familiar with the instability, they deserve to receive. compliments from the fans. However, the season still has a long way to go, what the St James Park team needs to do to lead to a successful season is nothing more than to maintain stability in the game as well as my form is not easy because their squad is not appreciated.

Returning home to round 25 to welcome the Norwich guests, despite being considered a stronger team thanks to the home advantage and stable performance, but not so that "The Magpies" is allowed subjectively because only it takes a minute of lack of concentration to completely lose valuable points.