Newcastle are slowly being left behind in the rankings when there have been recent disappointing results. Therefore, despite being home in this round, but before a rising opponent is Burnley. Indeed, it is not easy to "Prick" to cut off his battle.

Newcastle used to have a good time in the New Year, but now people do not recognize a stubborn "Warp" but instead are a decline in the playing style of the home team Sports Direct. Specifically, the last 2 rounds they lost to Arsenal respectively 0-4 and Crystal Palace 0-1. And yet, in the previous 2 rounds, Newcastle had only 1 point against Norwich and Everton. Thus, the last 4 rounds at the Premier League playground, Newcastle did not win. If counted on all the fronts, "Chò chò" nor can the track triumph in the last 6 appearances. In the first match, they also collapsed on Burnley's field with the minimum score, so Newcastle need to play with great determination to be able to hope for a good result the next time they welcome guests.

Defeating Bournemouth to 3-0 at home in the last round, Burnley marked a period of impressive time. Specifically, the last 5 appearances in the Premier League playground, Burnley was unbeaten when drawing 1 and won 4 matches. Even with the exception of Liverpool, Burnley is the most impressive team at this time. It is worth mentioning, in the aforementioned series, they also defeated Man Utd, Leicester or Arsenal. These impressive results helped Burnley climb up to the 10th position on the table with 37 points and only 4 points behind the European team. Now their relegation goal is almost completed and Burnley will play with the most comfortable mentality when there is nothing to fear. Therefore, they are quite confident before this away game that the goal of winning points is completely within the reach of Burnley.

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