After the inevitable defeat against Liverpool, Southampton continued to disappoint at home at the Burnley reception. Although still maintaining a safe distance from the group holding the red light, it was clear that the home team St. Mary's needs to get back on track quickly. In this situation, just having to welcome the familiar prey of Aston Villa is a "1 no 2" opportunity for Southampton to return.

Although Danny Ings continued to open fire, Southampton still had to collapse at home against Burnley, which was the team's second defeat in a row because they had dropped to 0-4 before Liverpool. Thus, after 26 rounds, Southampton has won 31 points and is temporarily ranked 12th in the rankings. In the last 9 rounds, they have 5 wins and 1 draw and have to receive 3 defeats. In fact, Hasenhuttl's teachers and students are showing signs of slowing down after the sublimation period, because the last 3 appearances in all arenas they have lost. However, this round can be seen as an appropriate opportunity for Southampton to consolidate their position when they are both playing at home and just have to welcome their opponent "under the mat". Remember, Southampton are unbeaten in the last 5 times against Aston Villa.

Playing very hard and even overwhelming Tottenham in the round last week, but the mistakes in the defense made Aston Villa leave the field with a sorry 2-3 defeat. Obviously Aston Villa are quite struggling in the relegation battle when only one point away from the relegation group. They have just received 2 recent defeats, the attack is playing well but the defense is very lacking in focus. Prove that the last 5 rounds they conceded 13 goals. In particular, the mentality of the players is very weak when they are away from home with only 1 victory and lose 6 matches in the last 9 rounds. Plus not winning the last 3 times marching to St. Mary's, putting faith in Aston Villa right now is really risky.