Defeating Bournemouth in the round of last weekend, Sheffield United continued to show the tenacity of a rookie. Even the army of Wilder coach also set a target to have a seat at the European playground next season. In the next round, only facing a falling Brighton will be a great opportunity for Sheffield United to extend their sublimation series.

Despite conceding very early, but the goals of Sharp and John Lundstram helped Sheffield United have an emotional comeback when welcoming Bournemouth. Although only entering the English Premier League this season as a rookie and not appreciated, Sheffield United has surprised both fans and professionals. They are currently in the top 6 strongest teams with 39 points after 26 rounds, only 2 points behind the top 4. After losing to Man City, Sheffield United enjoyed the victory in the last 2 rounds, with the army of Coach Wilder having won 3 draws 1 draw and lost 1 match in 5 rounds. recently. Although having a team of not really good quality, but with the hard-working and full of science is helping Sheffield United achieve success.

Brighton had just escaped a lucky loss at the reception of Watford, the match they conceded early and had to rely on the opponent's counter-kick at the end to keep 1 point. So Brighton is temporarily ranked 15th on the chart, only 3 points lower than the relegation group. They are having a very faint performance when they have not won in the last 6 rounds with 4 trjans and 2 defeats. If calculating away, the "Seagull" has only won 1 victory and must receive up to 8 losses in the last 12 matches, the remaining 3 draws. The journey away from home brought even more sadness to Brighton, because the last 5 times they did not win. With these developments, it is really difficult for Graham Potter's army to have points on the next trip.