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Hamilton vs The Gers

Only facing opponents who are playing poorly in 2 divisions, Edinburgh City, Hamilton has won 5-0 in the fourth round of the Scottish Cup. However, the opportunity for teachers to continue Brian Rice is not much when in the next round 5, they have to face a very strong opponent, Rangers.

In the past, the number of draws that Hamilton had before Rangers was rare, let alone winning, only for the last 6 encounters, they had to receive defeat. Moreover, the performance of teachers and coaches Brian Rice is also very alarming when having lost to 3 and only 1 result in 4 recent matches.

Besides, although playing at New Douglas Park, the hope for teachers and coach Brian Rice is not much, this is also due to their poor performance last time when in the last 7 matches they have lost to 5. Particularly in the last 9 times to welcome Rangers, they also had to accept defeat.

On the opposite side, not only are they judged superior in class, at the present time Rangers are also possessing a much better form, namely in the last 6 matches, they have won up to 4 and drew 1. Away from home, the performance of teachers and coach Steven Gerrard also received confidence with 3 wins after the last 4 matches.

In other developments, the total goals of the list is listed at 3 with the fairly balanced profit scale. Compared to the recent open results of the two teams as well as the confrontations with many previous goals made in the past, this rate is not too prominent, so that the Tai milestone also judged to be unreliable in the upcoming battle.