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Jones vs Reyes

UFC 247 is almost here, and this is absolutely fascinating. At this point Jon Jones is almost certainly the greatest fighter we've seen in the Octagon. He is basically unbeatable and has a few resumes, maybe outside the GSP , Possible Combine. So when he fights at UFC 247 , against up-and-comer unbeaten Dominick Reyes , you should probably tune in.

But is this a squash match? Incorrect. Although Jones coming (right) is a big favorite, there's a good chance Reyes could be annoying here, mainly because Reyes' strengths are well suited to some of Jones's known weaknesses. In the past, Jones has struggled with sleek boxers (Alexander Gustafsson) and good strikers (Thiago Santos). Reyes is actually a very sly boxer, with good side movements, who tend to kick extremely well both legs and head.

There is also the fact that Jones came very close when he lost the last match against Thiago Santos, who fought most of the matches with a knocked knee. It's easy to forget, but there was a time when Anderson Silva looked completely unbeaten before losing to Chris Weidman. Father's time comes for us all.