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League One: SAFC vs ITFC

In the last 10 confrontations between the two clubs Sunderland vs Ipswich: the achievement is very balanced when each team has 4 victories and 2 draws. Thereby can be assessed: the strength between the two teams is very balanced at this time. 

Sunderland just lost 0-2 to Portsmouth in the previous round. However, in the last 6 rounds in League One, the team nicknamed "black cat" has won 4 victories. The home team's performance is still quite good evaluation at this time. 

So after a bad start at the beginning of the season, Sunderland is accelerating in phase 2. Having just played 28 games in League One, the club also had 45 points and ranked 7th on the stage. They absolutely have the opportunity to compete for a Play-off kick ticket to play in the Championship next season. 

Ipswich are also new to losing at home with a score of 1-4 against Peterborough in the previous round. So in the last 6 rounds in League One, the away team won 3, drew 1 but lost the last 2 matches. Their performance is similar, even a little lower than the opponent. 

Ipswich have played 29 matches in League One, they have 48 points and ranked 4th on the stage. The visitors are also determined to race for the promotion ticket. However, being a guest on the "Light" pitch is not easy at all. In the last 4 visits at The Light, Ipswich have lost 3 matches. Certainly this trip is also a lot of "thunderstorms".

According to the opinion of football experts, in this match, the two clubs have similar strength and style, promising a fierce competition but not many goals will be scored. Sunderland are playing a little better, have home ground support. Most likely, the club with the nickname "black cat" will win but the difference will be minimal.