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League One: TRFC vs Pompey

Tranmere is diving at the bottom of the charts. In the next round they will host the Portsmouth players. The host is completely inferior to the opponent. Portsmouth desperately need points to continue the race in the leading group.

Tranmere has 22 points after 28 rounds. They are ranked 21st on the chart. League One will have 3 relegation spots this season because a name has not qualified to continue playing. And of course the host is in the group holding the red light. Tranmere and the other two teams are currently inferior to other teams. They played 28 matches, only won 5, drew 7 and lost until 16.

Actually the army of coach Mellon is facing a lot of difficulties. Their attack is showing a deadlock. In the last 5 rounds, they only scored 1 goal. Unable to score, Tranmere did not know how to defend. Selecting 3-4-3 scheme but everything is not working as expected. Statistics show they have conceded 51 goals since the beginning of the season. On average, each home game will concede 2 goals. Tranmere's opponent will be Portsmouth. A challenge too difficult for the host. However, the whole team still determined to have a point.

The visitors are in stark contrast to the host. They are fiercely competing in the leading group for the promotion ticket to the Championship. Currently, the performance of Portsmouth is quite good. The last 5 rounds the team is unbeaten with 1 draw and 4 wins. That impressive series helped the coach's army climb to 6th place. Here the teams are competing very fiercely. Portsmouth understand that and they are very determined with their ambitions.

Coach Jackett understands that the road ahead will be very difficult. They are currently relying heavily on Curtis's ability to score goals. The Ivory Coast striker is the No. 1 striker of the team with England always knows how to put pressure on the opponent's defense. The ball up the ball of Portsmouth almost all through the foot of this player. The upcoming match against a completely underdog Tranmere, the whole team is determined to have a victory. Curtis will know how to speak in time in this competition.