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Spanish Cup 2020 🏆

In the 1/8 round of the Spanish king's cup, it was very difficult for Athletico Bilbao after only 2 minutes 1 unreasonable foul led to a red card. Causing Athletico to truss on the field, there was suddenly only 10 players left on the field. Unable to win or lose in 90 minutes. Enter the extra time to confront a lightweight opponent such as Tenerife.

In two extra-time periods, Atheletico has not yet officially entered the quarterfinals, only standing at 11m. Reaching out for a 4-2 penalty, Athletico got tickets to attend the quarter-finals.

On the other side of the battle line, Barcelona asserted the unbeaten position in all arenas up to the present time. After the match against Leganes in the round of 1/8, Barcelona did not disappoint the fans in the chance of a 5-0 goal. The most recent matches of Barcelona are so perfect and so beautiful that it makes fans excited.

With such a front, the battle as well as the lineup of each team is completely different. These data as well as all experience of Ku368 expert rafters given. The current performance of the two teams is equal, because many matches of these two teams meet no more than 2 goals. The defeat of Barcelona from squad to tactics with the shine of the Spanish striker.

And Athletico Bilbao is the strong point, the spearhead is the overwhelming attacks. The confrontation of these two formidable opponents is really dramatic and appealing to the fans of the two teams.

Zidane is bringing Real back into orbit. With a close 1-0 victory over Real Valladolid over the weekend in the La Liga round 21, the Spanish Royal team took the lead in the rankings and created a gap of 3 points with the great rival Barcelona.

The next goal for Zizou's teachers and students is to pass the 1/8 round of the King's Cup, with a march to La Zararedza's La Romareda. In the massive trophy collection of the French strategist, the King's Cup is the only missing trophy. The last time Real was crowned in this arena has been in 2014.

However, because the weekend was a heroic letter to the neighboring team Atletico Madrid, Zidane certainly had to calculate the personnel. Zaragoza's visit could be an opportunity for young talents like Vinicius, Rodrygo or players who have not yet confirmed the ability like James Rodriguez and Luca Jovic to show their ability.

Zaragoza is playing in the Spanish Second Division (Segunda). This team is currently ranked fourth in the rankings and is in the race to qualify for La Liga. Recently Zaragoza has been extremely high, with a circuit of 5 consecutive victories on all fronts.

Another remarkable detail, the most remarkable name on the side of Zaragoza is not a stranger but Kagawa, the Japanese star who wore the MU shirt. degree by promoting the technical qualities.

So, even though Zaragoza is a lower-class team, Real will not be able to get an easy match. Perhaps the Royal team still won tickets to the quarter-finals but a close victory is also a success.

Ibiza vs Barcelona 
Unionistas vs Real Madrid 

Ibiza vs Barcelona 

Ibiza is a very good team playing in the Spanish Third Division.  At this time, teachers and teachers of Pablo Alfaro ranked 3rd in the rankings, and even have many opportunities to search for promotion tickets next season.

However, it is a story that takes place in a professional tournament that is not really impressive in the Country of Bullfighting.  And certainly, with that position, Ibiza still faces many difficulties in the matches they play in the King's Cup.  Simply because this is the playground gathered from the weakest teams to the big boys of Spanish football.

In the next match, Ibiza must face a huge challenge called Barcelona.  This is a class name as well as the influence completely outperformed Ibiza.

Barcelona is the top team in Spain's number one football league table, La Liga.  Messi and his teammates have also been relatively impressive in recent times, and the evidence is shown in this team winning 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 defeat in the last 5 matches.  .

The sublimation of Barca has a great contribution from Messi, who can not be replaced at the Nou Camp.  It was this striker who scored 4 goals in the last 5 matches for the Catalan giant.

Barca has a lot of excellent players to be able to create a good result against Ibiza.  Even Mr. Quique Setién's teachers and students did not have to sprung as hard as they could.

Unionistas vs Real Madrid 

The round of 16 in the cup of the Spanish king this year will be the encounter between Unionistas and Real Madrid.  This is a match where the difference in class and superior power makes people believe that the guests will easily win.

Real Madrid missed the chance to clinch the top spot in La Liga against rivals Barcelona.  Currently, they are 2nd in the rankings when losing the goal difference with Barcelona.  Winning now will be a mental push for teachers and coaches Zidane.

With the goal of winning the treble this year, the king's cup will be something that Real Madrid aims to.  Marching to Unionistas' home ground is seen as an opportunity for them to continue to win to enter the next round.

On the other side of the front line, Unionistas are just a team playing in the Spanish 3rd Division.  Moreover, they are still struggling with the relegation battle when ranked 16th in the rankings with only 23 points after 21 rounds.

Clearly with the current situation, it can be seen that the level and strength of this team is far behind Real Madrid.  Therefore, it is likely that the host will have to receive more severe failures before the guests.