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SPFL: Hamilton vs Bhoys

Hamilton just lost at home to Livingston with a difference of 2-4.  This is also the second consecutive failure of the coach and teacher Brian Rice.  

At this time, after 24 rounds, Hamilton is having 18 points, standing at the penultimate position on the table.  Obviously, with what has shown in the past time the risk of relegation is what is foreseen for this team.

Defensive has always been a headache for coach Brian Rice.  They are not a weak team in attack but the mistakes in the defense make Hamilton often suffer in each match.

In this round, Hamilton continues to play at home.  However, that does not mean much when their opponent is a superior Celtic in all aspects.  In this context, it's hard for their fans to think of an optimistic outcome.

Celtic is still very stable at the top of the table.  They created a fairly safe distance from direct competitor, Rangger to 5 points (61 versus 56).