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Super Bowl 2020 | NFL Finals

This Sunday, February 2, the Super Bowl 2020 will be played between San Francisco 49ers, who will look for their sixth super bowl trophy, and the Kansas City Chiefs, which will chase the second - at Hard Rock Stadium.  That stadium, in which the Miami Dolphins usually host, can accommodate 75,000 people and is a multi-sport arena on the outskirts of Miami Gardens, north of Miami, Florida.

The San Francisco 49ers have reached  the final by good to their much more aggressive - young players and surely physically empowered - as well defense. Buckner with Armstead, both average between 130 K in the weight and about 2 m in the height.  But the big defensive star of the Niners is rookie Nick Bosa (defensive end), who doesn't play as someone who plays his first year in the NFL.  The American numbers are as follows: 47 tackles, 16 to lose yards and 25 hits to quarterbacks.  He is a favorite to win the rookie defensive of the year, an award in which he competes with Josh Allen (linebacker Jaguars), Devin Bush (Linebacker Steelers) and Maxx Crosby (Defensive End Oakland Raiders).

 The Kansas City Chiefs will go to their third Super Bowl in history.  They have the third best offense in the entire NFL, having 419 yards per game.  Patrick Mahomes was ranked 10th in the 2017 draft. He is the second quarterback to pitch more yards, with 4031 yards, 26 scores and 615 yards so far this post-season.  As for defense they are not far behind, they have one of the best quarterback hunters in the competition, Frank Clark who averages four catches per game.