WBC Championship: Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury

At noon on Sunday February 23, Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury will face off in the WBC heavyweight title match. 

After a controversial draw in December 2018, Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury will once again confront each other to determine who is the worthy owner of the heavy WBC belt.  There have been many opinions that former British champion Tyson Fury deserves the victory because even though he was knocked down twice, Fury still overwhelmed Deontay Wilder 11 in a total of 12 innings.

Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury will take place on Sunday morning of February 23 at the MGM Grand Gymnasium, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Main card

Sebastian Fundora vs Daniel Lewis, weight class Junior Middleweight

Emanuel Navarrete vs Jeo Tupas Santisima, Super Bantamweight weight class

Charles Martin vs Gerald Washington, weightweight Heavyweight

Preliminary card

Subriel Matias vs Petros Ananyan (Super-Lightweight)

Amir Imam vs Javier Molina (Super-Lightweight)

Rolando Romero vs Arturs Ahmetovs (Lightweight)

Gabriel Flores Jr vs Matt Conway (Lightweight)

Vito Mielnicki Jr vs Corey Champion (Welterweight)

Isaac Lowe vs Alberto Guevara (Featherweight)

To prove to his father that he was good enough for boxing, Tyson Fury broke his father's ribs when he was 14 years old.

"I grew up beside boxing and my father practiced and competed in the 80s and 90s."  Fury explained..

The former British champion went on to say: “I was like a gym addict, and I followed my father everywhere.  I always keep old tapes in the trunks of the car and watch all the fighters from before.  One day, my younger brother Shane was practicing around the house, and my father said, 'I'm too tired for both of you, you messed up the whole family.' He took me out and asked me to punch.  his body, he said, if I show anything good, he will let me practice. I swing the left hook into his flank and break the three ribs.  train me and the rest is the history you already know. ”

Coach Jay Deas: "Training for Deontay Wilder is a torture"

Speaking to the press, Deontay Wilder's coach, Jay Deas, said: "Wilder's punch does not belong to the human world. It is like a car hitting you. Whenever you are beaten by Wilder,  my elbows and wrists almost got knocked out of my joints. One time I wore a hard hat with a hard net covering my face and he smashed that thick net. "

Not stopping there, Jay Deas continued to tell the story of Wilder's injury: "Once I had to wear armor and Wilder accidentally hit and hit right below that armor. A few days later I was still  I was told by my doctor that they had a hernia, and no one needed 3 people to hold the pad and no place to go to those who had the spare pad waiting to change.  holding the main pad just because they were hit so hard. "

Perhaps training for a beast like Deontay Wilder is not an easy job, especially after every time Wilder was exhausted from the previous exercises.  That will be when Wilder's punches miss the target on the chin or the flank of the coach holding the pad, for example.

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