Boxing: Scott Quigg vs Jono Carroll | Official Weighing

Super featherweight world ranking duel - DAZN will broadcast the entire event tonight from 22:00 approx UK time. 

Former WBA super bantamweight champion Scott Quigg has not been ringing for 15 months, mainly due to a serious injury.  But if you ask Quigg if he was bothered by the long abstinence from the ring and whether it would not have been better if he had first given himself a struggle against an easier opponent and not played Jono Carroll in the Manchester Arena this Saturday evening,  he believes that if he defeated Carroll clearly, he would be on the verge of yet another world title fight.  This time it's super featherweight.

"If I hadn't thought that I could become world champion again, I wouldn't be boxing," said the 31-year-old.  "For financial reasons, I no longer have to box."

Scott Quigg confident: I think I'll be world champion again!

“I box just because I love boxing and I still want to improve.  I still believe that more will come.  That's why I'm still boxing.  I think I'll be world champion again. ”

It's been four years since he had the biggest night of his life, including in Manchester, when he faced Carl Frampton in a highly anticipated World Cup unification battle and was more than narrowly split.  Two years later he lost to Oscar Valdez in Los Angeles, a fight that was supposed to be about the featherweight world title.  In this fight, Quigg could not balance the required featherweight limit, which is why he was not concerned with the world title in this fight.  But the defeat against Valdez did not dampen the ambition either.

"This may have got me right there to fight for a world title in the next higher weight class," said Quigg, "maybe after this fight I'm just a step away," he said.  “I haven't been in the ring for a while.  The time I was traveling was not wasted.  I was always in training, I couldn't use my hands most of the time because of my injury, but I always lived a healthy lifestyle. ”

“I expect a good performance from me on Saturday and if I can fight for a world championship immediately after this fight, I'm happy. But even if it doesn't work right away and I need another fight afterwards, that's not a problem  Problem for me. "

Scott Quigg is now training again under his old coach Joe Gallagher, the coach who had taught him a lot of tactics against Frampton after he had recently been training under Freddie Roach at the Hollywood Wildcard Training Center.

"I am enjoying boxing as intensely as I have in a long time," says Quigg.  “I still enjoy going to training, I learn every day.  My style is my style and I am who I am. "

Carroll, who narrowly lost points against Tevin Farmer last year in the fight for the IBF World Super Featherweight title, had a lot to say to Quigg when they faced each other on Friday's weigh-in.  Quigg put his head in Carroll's face after the Irishman grabbed his biceps when he stood on the scales, although Carroll's anger was largely theatrical and looked more like a show.

"I respect everyone who climbs between the ropes, no matter what level they are at," said Quigg.

"I think he certainly trained hard, but the best Scott Quigg beats the best Jono Carroll."

Scott Quigg vs Jono Carroll - Here's what they got on the scales:

Scott Quigg …………………… .. 58.6 kilos
Jono Carroll …………………… .. 59.0 kilos

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