EFL: Barnsley vs Cardiff

Barnsley's sublimation series ended after Reading's defeat on the field, it is clear that the task of defecting from the red light area of ​​the Oakwell team is facing a small challenge. In the next round, having to host rival Cardiff Cardiff will be the next difficult problem facing Neil Harris's army.

So, after a series of 3 successive victories, Barnsley continued to receive a 0-2 loss to Reading. But with 9 key points gained after these 3 wins, Barnsley escaped the bottom of the rankings to climb up to the 23rd position in the rankings. Specifically, after 36 matches, Barnsley got himself 34 points. Although not out of danger area and less than a safe area to 5 points, but hope the relegation began to rekindle Barnsley. Therefore, when welcoming Cardiff here, teachers and coach Neil Harris will make full use of every opportunity to find a way to live for themselves. Despite the past, they did not support Barnsley as they lost both of their last 2 confrontations and only won 1, lost 6 in 10 recent encounters. But with high determination when cornered.

Despite being staying at the home to host rival Brentford, Cardiff City had a disappointing performance when they only got 1 point after the end of the match with a 2-2 final score. They were even down 2 goals in the first half and were lucky to escape with efforts in the second half. At this time Cardiff, ranked 11th in the rankings with 51 points and of course they were not too worried about relegation issues but their distance to the promoted Play-Off group was 5 points and Cardiff City needed it takes more effort to hope because it's unexpected. However, Cardiff's recent performance is not so good, 5 matches they only get 1 victory, 2 draws and 2 losses. If there is no immediate improvement with the not too long journey left, it is too difficult for Cardiff City to accomplish the goal.  

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