EFL: Bristol vs FFC

Having won just one point on Millwall's pitch in the last round, Bristol City has yet to show signs of returning to the race even though the season has reached an extremely intense sprint period. 

Meanwhile, Fulham is showing determination to pursue the two leading positions with recent positive results. With impressive form and more stable than the opponent, there is reason to trust the coach and teachers Scott Parker on this trip.

In fact, Bristol City had a very successful first leg and was always in the top of the rankings. However, the more Ashton Gate team, the more weak the force and gradually dropped out of the Play-Off group. At this time, most routes in the Bristol City squad revealed deadly weaknesses. Specifically, the defense is playing very badly when consecutive mistakes lead to consecutive losses, while the goods are deadlocked when they can not find a way to score. Prove that the last 6 matches Bristol City conceded up to 12 goals, an average of 1 game 2 goals, while the public attack has only 6 goals. In the last 6 rounds, they only won 1 draw 1 and lost to 4, that result made Bristol City fall to 7th place with 54 points and gradually far from the top 6 when the team ranked second is Preston 2 points.

After having to say goodbye to the Premier League playground last season, Fulham is showing great determination to return to the most prestigious playground in the land of fog after only one year of absence. Currently with 63 points obtained after 36 rounds, they are very close to their goal when standing in 3rd place with a distance of 5 points with the second place in the table. Fulham are striving for a direct promotion, so in the remaining matches, they will definitely try their best for this goal. As guests at Bristol City, the team that is alerting their performance is a better opportunity for Fulham to win. Remember Fulham lost only 1/5 recent round, the last 2 appearances they all triumphantly deserved.  

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