EFL: Leeds vs HTAFC

Defeating Hull City to 4 goals without being conceded
, Leeds showed a strong return at the decisive moment after showing signs of slowing down in the previous period. In this round, with just having a struggling Huddersfield in the relegation group, 3 points is definitely not a problem for the Elland Road team.

It is expected that there will be many challenges in the trip to the holy place of Hull City, but Leeds has had an excellent performance when they knocked the host down to 4 goals. Elland Road home crowd was clearly impressed after a period of time being questioned about the previous performance. In that series of 4 recent successes is the best evidence of the return of Leeds. In particular, the defense is playing extremely focused when not conceding 1 goal in the above series. Obviously, this achievement will certainly help the morale of the players excited a lot after a period of previous frustration. Currently Leeds are in 2nd place with only 1 point less than the top team West Brom. With a gap of 5 points with the team ranked 3rd, Leeds certainly will not want to make it difficult for the rest of the season.

Similar to his opponent, Huddersfield just had an explosive match when crushing Charlton to 4 goals not to be removed, before they also had a close victory 2-1 at the reception of Bristol City. However, they are all victories at home, but away from home they show a poor face when they have to receive 5 defeats in 1 draw and only won 1 match in the last 7 rounds. At the moment Huddersfield is temporarily ranked 17th in the rankings with 42 points obtained after 36 rounds and more than the relegation group with a distance of only 4 points. With that achievement, Huddersfield will surely have to work harder to hope for the goal of relegation success. In the first leg, despite the home field advantage, Huddersfield had to hold a bitter fruit against Leeds, so it is difficult for them to make a surprise on the trip here. 

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