EFL: Swans vs WBA

Swansea did not perform well in the second leg of this season with only 3 wins in the last 10 rounds.  This achievement made them quickly knocked out of the promotion area and ranked 9th on the rankings.  

The gap between them and the top 6 is currently 4 points.  This is not a very large number but, Swansea need to have more victories to accelerate in the sprint phase.

Across the front line, West Brom unexpectedly lost to Wigan with the minimum score on their own home ground last week.  Thus, the home team The Hawthorns officially ended a series of 6 unbeaten rounds, including 5 of their wins in the Championship.  With 69 points, they are still at the top of the rankings but only 1 point away from 2nd place.

According to statistics, West Brom have scored 5 goals in the last 2 away games, in addition to 3 recent confrontations between the two teams.  Along with that, the proportion of referee listed at 2.5 table and still showing signs of stability has shown the confidence of experts about a jubilant match.  Therefore, should put faith in the door of this battle.

Swansea City has been in a bad shape recently.  Although they only lost 3 matches in the last 8 rounds, they only won 1 victory.  However, the recent performance of the Black Swan's home turf recently is quite good as they have only received 1 defeat in 8 matches at their Liberty city.

However, Swansea City's rival is a West Brom who is showing quite strong this season.  In the last 7 rounds, they have won 5 draws 1 draw and lost only 1 match.  In particular, the away record of Jake Livermore and his teammates is quite impressive with 3 consecutive victories recently, they only lost a 1/14 trip away from home.

Not to mention, Swansea City is completely inferior to the confrontation achievement in recent years.  Specifically, Swansea City have lost all the last 3 times to West Brom.

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