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Despite MU being in good shape and appreciated, LASK still possesses the elements to not lose in this encounter.

MU is going through sublimation.  In the English Premier League, they have just won 2-0 against Man City to reach the top 3, in the FA Cup, the Reds beat Derby 3-0 to win tickets to the quarterfinals and in the Europa League, the team is led  by coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was also present in the round of 16 after beating defending champion Belgium Club Brugge with the final score 6-1.

And with the superiority in many aspects, the fact that they are rated higher than LASK when the two teams face each other in the round of 1/16 is completely understandable.  But from the perspective of football players, MU is not a reliable investment address.  With a handicap, it is clear that LASK is the name that should be chosen after the impressive performances on the European playground.

Remember, to be in the Europa League knockout round this season, LASK has occupied the top of Group D, a group with the appearance of three names who have been raining and storming in Europe are PSV, Rosenborg.  and Sporting Lisbon.  Experiencing 6 games, LASK won 4 victories and only once they lost with a 0-1 defeat at PSV in the arranged game.

In the round of 1/32, although facing an AZ Alkmaar (the team in the same group against Man United) was more appreciated, LASK still played very confidently when defeating the Dutch representative with the total score.  2-1 after 2 rounds to be present in round 1/16.  So, maybe they will stop before MU, but in this match, they will not lose when playing at home.

If considered in the domestic arena, the matches of LASK and MU are taking place with a lot of goals, but when playing on the European playground, caution is still on top.  Last 2 games against AZ, LASK drew 1-1 and won 2-0.  As for Man United, three-quarters of their home away odds in the Europa League have no more than two goals scored and it is likely that this game will end with the same scenario.