At the home of King Power, Leicester City will play the match the latest round 29 when welcoming rookie Aston Villa is gloomy after the sadness of losing in the League Cup final. Let's see if the Foxes claim to succeed in the debt eliminated by the opponent in the League Cup semi-finals to maintain the top 3 that is very shaken. Or Aston will dispel the pressure after 4 matches and lose and narrow the gap with the red light group. 

Leicester had just experienced a tough 1-0 home win in the FA Cup fifth round match against Birmingham City, the only goal scorer was right-back Ricardo Pereira at the end of the match after clearing the veteran's deck. Marc Albrighton. This is the most practical goal they can crown at the end of the season but the quarterfinals will encounter a difficult obstacle named Chelsea at home. But the Premier League's current form of the Foxes is disappointing when they have not won for 4 consecutive rounds after burying West Ham in the bottom group at home, in the previous round they even lost to the front. Norwich City rookie table at home. It was their 8th defeat in the Premier League this season and the big reason came from the fact that conductor James Maddison was in decline after rumors of leaving this summer and the main striker Jamie Vardy was long-term with injuries. Similarly, public goods also have no one to replace when igniting all three rounds recently. Even the King Power home ground only helped them to have the triumph song 3 times in the last 9 matches.

Aston Villa are still struggling with the relegation battle when they have lost 3 recent rounds after an important victory against live-class competitor Watford. Teachers and coaches Dean Smith are falling into the red light group with 25 points, 2 points behind the safe position. Their morale is also falling after losing in the recent League Cup final after more than 3 decades to create this feat. The defense is their headache when conceding 52 times, most of the tournament and the anxiety when away from home because the last 10 away games have won only a rare time.  

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