In the middle of the week, Sheffield United and Norwich also had hardships in the FA Cup fifth round in England. In detail, Sheffield United had marched to the field of First Division English Reading team and they could only overcome the opponent with a score of 2-1 after 120 minutes of play. Similarly, Norwich cannot win tickets after 90 minutes, but need a penalty shootout to make it to the FA Cup quarter-finals. Even more praiseworthy, "Canaries" have defeated their much stronger opponent, Tottenham. 

But Norwich's joy soon had to be stopped because in the English Premier League, they were still in danger. After 28 matches, coach and coach D. Farke won 5 matches, drew 6 and received 17 defeats. At this time, they have dropped to the position of the team with 21 points and 6 points behind the safety group. Can confirm, Norwich is on the way back to the First Division after only 1 season of adventure in the Premier League.

Also new to the English Premier League this season, Sheffield United has a completely different face. After two-thirds of the road this season, Sheffield United is always in the group competing for a place in the continental arena next season. 

At this moment, the home team of Bramall Lane temporarily ranked in 8th place with 40 points and only 5 points behind Chelsea's fourth team. Worth mentioning, Sheffield United are playing a few matches of London team and if they win the match, the chance of appearing in the top 4 (meaning the ticket to the Champions League) will be open to coaches of coach C Wilder.  

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