FA Cup: LFC vs CFC

Both Chelsea and Liverpool have just gone through an unsuccessful round in the Premier League over the weekend. 

Meeting at Stamford Bridge in the fifth round of the FA Cup, everything seems to be tilting towards Lampard's teachers.

Maybe for pure Brits, the FA Cup is not a bad title. This is the oldest tournament in the world, after all. However, Jurgen Klopp does not think so. The evidence is in the recent FA Cup matches this year, Liverpool often launch young teams. Therefore, the first 45 minutes of the confrontation will certainly not be as much calculated from the two teams as the matches in the Premier League. 

Playing is not bad in this season but can see only in the last week, every door is gradually closing with Lampard teachers and students. From a 0-3 defeat to Bayern Munich in the Champions League to a draw in Bournemouth in the Premier League, the top 4 position is shaking violently. FA Cup is now a very viable target for the Blues. And before a Liverpool not too salty, in this tournament, Chelsea can absolutely have a victory.

On the other side of the battle line, Liverpool also just had a memorable week of competition. The invincible army of Jurgen Klopp just hung his shirt 0-3 against a Watford in the relegation race. Of course that defeat does not affect too much the situation of the Premier League this year, but it may leave unpredictable consequences for the red shirt team. A failure in this operation is not too surprising. 

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