FA Cup: Pompey vs Gunners

At home, the former King of Portsmouth, who is in a sublime form, will have a difficult challenge when welcoming the Premier League giant Arsenal who has just lost in the Europa League. 

This is a match in the FA Cup fifth round, whether the Gunners will vent their anger in order to regain confidence and this is also the only arena they can take the throne this season. Or Portsmouth will create seismic to cut a series of 4 matches, losing to the representative of London.

Portsmouth are in high spirits before this match when they won the last 2 rounds in League One against Milton Key Dons and Rochdale recently with a strong score of 3-0 at home. They Steve Seddon shone with a goal and an assist for Chris Burgess to end the match in the 84th minute, before Ryan Williams opened the score at the end of the important first half. The common point is that they all have 3 goals against the visitors 2 matches, the 17th victory this season helps them build the top 3 with 59 points, this is also the 4th victory in the last 6 rounds of the teacher. Kenneth Jakett and they are only 3 points lower than the English Premier League. Close to Ronan Curtis - Marquis has 19 goals this season and will be the hope on their attack. The home ground is helping Portsmouth with confidence with a series of 10 consecutive victories at the home of Fratton Park.

Arsenal after a series of 10 unbeaten matches were blocked by sublimation, but this is an untimely defeat when they fell bitterly 1-2 at home in front of the Greek representative Olympiakos Piraeus right at the Emirates mecca in front of the home fans. Teachers and coach Mikel Arteta were defeated 1-0 by the opponent in 90 minutes and in extra time, the captain Aubameyang helped them lead the goal but at the end of the extra time they were conceded and eliminated, the drama also increased when the main Aubameyang missed a good chance in injury time. In the Premier League, the Gunners, despite being unbeaten in the last 6 rounds, have been divided up to 4 times and still inferior to the top 4 for Champions League by 8 points. Aubameyang is leading the list of top scorers in the Premier League with 17 goals, the away field is also making them anxious with the recent 10-match circuit without being able to win. 

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