Football star recovered from Covid-19: That's how this pandemic is overcome

He became the first Kosovo player to be affected by the coronavirus two weeks ago.

But now after two weeks of isolation, Valdrin Mustafa has received the best news of the year, as his latest test has proved negative.

The star of the German team Hannover 96 confirmed this in a statement to the local newspaper.

After 14 days in solitary confinement with his family, Mustafa has said he no longer has any symptoms of Covid-19 and has turned out to be negative.

The last test I took today was the result. Thanks to God it has turned negative and now I am fine.

He tells that during this time he stayed alone with his family isolated in his home.

I stayed home for 14 days with my family. We have respected the rules and now everything is fine, Mustafa continued.

The 22-year-old says that besides him recent tests have done other family members and all have been negative.

Even the family members who stayed with me at home did the test and found it negative, Mustafa concluded.

Finally he called on everyone to stay home until this pandemic goes away.

I urge everyone to stay home and abide by the rules, that is the only way to overcome this pandemic.

There must be a lot of caution, as it is not easy, but the Albanians have never surrendered and will overcome this too, Mustafa concluded.

Recall that Mustafa currently plays for Hannover 96 and is a regular part of the Kosovo U21.

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