SPFL: LFC vs Celtic

Only 5 more rounds to go, the Scottish League will move to the championship and relegation rounds. Currently, after 28 rounds, Celtic still dominates the top of the table with 76 points, 12 points more than the second ranked team (Rangers). 

Considering all factors, Neil Lennon teachers and students outperformed Livingston, the team currently ranked 5th in the rankings.

So, in the match of round 29 tonight, even as a guest, Celtic is still ranked by the house at the top with a ratio of 1 1/4: 0. However, compared to the previous clash between the two teams this season, the handicap has made a big change in a not very positive direction for Celtic. Specifically, in October last year, when guests were before Livingston, Neil Lennon's teachers and students were highly appreciated with the ratio of 1 3/4: 0. At that time, Celtic was suddenly lost to 0-2.

The results of the match last October clearly had a big impact on the house valuation in today's match. Asian investors have reason to suspect Neil Lennon and his students. In fact, Celtic is still maintaining a high level in the domestic league with an 8-match circuit. But in the last 2 rounds, they didn't win the match (drew 1, lost 1).

With a gap too large for the rest, Celtic has almost certainly won the top spot. So, they are suspicious of motivation at the match against Livingston tonight. In fact, in the last away match, Neil Lennon teachers and students are also appreciated with a ratio of 1 1/4: 0 but they only surpass Aberdeen with the minimum difference (2-1 win).

Unlike Celtic, Livingston desperately needs points to secure his place in the championship team (top 6 teams). Even teachers and teachers Gary Holt can aim better to compete for the European Cup next season.

With that momentum, Livingston is showing impressive performance at Asian scale. Specifically, in the last 7 games, Gary Holt's teachers and students have had 6 games to overcome the handicap barrier. More specifically, at home, Livingston is maintaining a 6-winning circuit in both professional and Asian ratios. That is the basis for Asian investors to trust Gary Holt's army.  
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