SPFL: Rangers vs HFC

There is a huge difference between both sides in history and reality. If Rangers is a famous club and is one of the two richest teams in Scotland, Hamilton is always ranked in the weak. On this chart, if Rangers are ranked 2 from the top, Hamilton is ranked 2nd ... from the bottom.

The difference in level leading to the victory for Rangers is no doubt, whether they will win with any score. On the Asian market, Rangers accept 2 1/2 in this fight, the handicap level is similar to the time they took over Hamilton at home. Remember that game Rangers overwhelmed the opponent to 5 goals not to remove.

Despite the recent erratic performance, it is clear that maintaining the position when receiving Hamilton at home shows that the Rangers door is still bright. The latest clash between the two sides at the FA Cup, then the Rangers as guests also easily beat Hamilton to 4-1. It was the third time they surpassed the opponent with a difference of more than 2 goals in 4 recent confrontations.

Rangers' morale is also rising after they created a surprise with Braga's elimination in the Europa League arena. Meanwhile, the more unstable Hamilton played and the last 8 consecutive games this club can only draw and lose. With what has been shown, it's hard for Hamilton to stand on the field of the opponent stronger in every way.

In terms of total goals, jubilant scenarios are unlikely to occur like the recent 4 confrontations between the two sides. Although handicap Rangers accept up to 2 1/2, the handicap is only 3 1/4. With this ratio, the ability to have more than 3 goals is unlikely.  
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