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F1 CEO: Race of the Season begins in Austria on July 5

The CEO of Formula One (F1), Chase Carey, made sure that planning for the race for the season was almost complete. F1 2020 race is also targeted to begin at the Austrian Grand Prix (GP) on July 5, 2020.

The implementation of F1 2020 can not begin until now due to the spread of the corona virus pandemic. Noted, there have been 10 series affected. Latest, the race at the F1 France GP 2020 certainly canceled held. The announcement was just made by the F1

Even so, Carey still struggling to save a number of races that can still be held. Various plans have also been prepared, one of which is holding the inaugural F1 2020 race in Austria on July 5.

After that, the race is planned to continue to other series in Europe, continue to Asia and America, until finally ending the season in Bahrain. He is optimistic that as many as 15-18 races can still be held this season.