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No one would dare to play against this team, the formation with the toughest players in football

The specialized website TransferMarkt has collected all the key data and has processed a lineup with the players who have had the most red cards in their careers.

This site has selected the player from each position of the field, to finally create a team which has a total of 168 red cards.

At the gate is, German Jens Lehmann with seven red cards, while Pepe and Sergio Ramos who both played together, have 12 and 26 red cards.

The defense is completed with Patrice Evra and Marco Materazzi, with the Frenchman who has had 12 red cards during his career, while the Italian 15th.

In midfield, the record is held by Edgar Davids, who has been penalized 26 times with a red card during his career, while along with them are Daniele De Rossi with 15, Zinedine Zidane with 14 and Francesco Totti with 16 red.

The attack consists of two 'savages' Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Mario Balotelli, who have 13 red cards each.

Below is the lineup with the "worst players in football":