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UEFA President gives deadline for end of season in Champions League and Europa League

UEFA President Aleksandar Ceferin has admitted that the "play-off" in the Champions League and Europa League has a chance to happen, but in both ways the season should end by August 3.

All football has been suspended in major European leagues due to coronavirus pandemics and it is not clear when - or really if - the seasons will come to an end.

What we have now is a set deadline, set by Ceferin during an interview on the German television station ZDF.
"Both the Champions League and the Europa League must be completed by August 3," said the first European finalist.

"It's an extraordinary situation we're in, so we're flexible on the dates and times of the launch." If the crisis subsides earlier, then we can start sooner. 

We could play with the current system, or with just one game played on neutral ground. For now, it's just a chance to play Final Eight or Final Four.

The only wrong decision we can make now is to play in a way that endangers the health and safety of the players, the fans and the referees.

However, if we are in safe conditions, then I do not see a problem," concluded Ceferin.

It is very likely that when the matches start again, they will be played behind closed doors.