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Bundesliga: BSC vs FCU

New coach Bruno Labbadia made a very successful debut with Hertha Berlin when he won 3-0 at Hoffenheim on the day after the Covid-19 outbreak. The victory not only helped the Olympiastadion team stand firmly in a safe position, but that result helped them confidently head to the capital derby with Union Berlin this weekend.

Despite not having a high ranking on the table, what the Hertha Berlin players have done so far is pretty good. Specifically, after 26 rounds, they won 8 wins, 7 draws and 11 losses, along with 31 points and 11 positions in the rankings. Of course, Hertha Berlin has not made progress compared to last season, but with the potential is not appreciated, it is an acceptable result. Back after the Covid-19 pandemic, Hertha Berlin showed impressive performance with a convincing 3-0 victory over Hoffenheim. Tonight, Hertha Berlin will face neighboring team Union Berlin in the early match of the 27th Bundesliga. Obviously, this is a great opportunity for teachers and coaches Bruno Labbadia to repay the debt they borrowed in the first round.

It should be recalled that Union Berlin is just a rookie who has just been promoted this season, but they are playing quite mature and fully believe in their ability to relegate. Specifically, after 26 matches, they got 30 points and 12th place in the rankings. The team has more than 8 points to red light, there is clearly a reason for teachers and coach Urs Fischer confidence for the next round. In the previous round, Union Berlin had to hold a hatred at home, but in front of defending champion Bayern Munich, the result was not too surprising. However, since the victory over Frankfurt, Union Berlin to draw the next match after that has received 3 defeats. Therefore, marching to the Olympiastadion of Hertha Berlin, Union Berlin players are not appreciated for the ability to have a exit point.