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Bundesliga: F95 vs S04

Back after the Covid-19 pandemic, Dusseldorf is fighting hard to hope to escape the red-light group and relegation success this season. In the next round, Dusseldorf is back at home and welcomes guests named Schalke. With a desperate need to win to get out of the danger zone and only encounter a visitors who are in very low form, Dusseldorf fans have the right to believe in a victory for the home team.

The lack of a team with strong enough force in the Bundesliga right now makes Dusseldorf quite struggling to continue to hope for relegation success. Over 27 rounds, Dusseldorf only got 3rd place from the bottom with only 24 points after 5 wins, 9 draws and 13 losses. Of course, this is not the position that makes them relegated, but Dusseldorf still has a chance in the play-of series. This does not mean that Uwe Rösler's teachers and students will accept to play that risky game, when their distance to the safety group is only 4 points. In fact, Dusseldorf did not play badly recently when they were unbeaten in the last 5 rounds, in which they drew 4 and won 1. In general, if you take the opportunity and improve the defense better, Dusseldorf is still very many opportunities ahead.

The 0-3 defeat at home to Dortmund in the Ruhr region derby marks the 10-game unbeaten series of the blue shirt team in the two arenas, the league and the national cup. Obviously with such a poor performance, there is no reason to believe in their ability to win all 3 points on this trip. It can be said that after returning from the Covid-19 pandemic, Schalke was greatly disappointed when he lost both matches against Dortmund and Augsburg. Even in these 2 matches, they could not score and received 7 goals. The result made them fall to the 8th position on the table with 37 points and are 2 points behind the group for the European Cup. The performance is going down very low, plus only knowing the trench and losing in the last two encounters with Dusseldorf, of course there is little reason for fans to rely on Uwe Rösler teachers and teachers at this time.