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Bundesliga: RBL vs BSC

After a convincing victory in the capital derby with Union Berlin, Hertha Berlin will have a difficult trip to the Red Bull Arena of RB Leipzig host. In front of a competitor who is much stronger in strength and also thirsty for the championship race, it is really difficult for Bruno Labbadia's army to heal from this trip.

Although only a fledgling team, RB Leipzig has established its strength and position as one of the most powerful forces in German football. Even at the present time, teachers and coach Julian Nagelsmann can compete for silver plates as well as have impressive performances in the continental arena. There have been times when they have surpassed both Bayern Munich and Dortmund for self-determination in the championship race. But dropping too many points in the New Year period indirectly gave the opponent the opportunity to rise and push Leipzig to third place with 54 points obtained after 27 rounds. Right now their distance to the top of the table is 7 points and indeed not easy to level. But be aware that,

Hertha Berlin is not a good team in the Bundesliga right now and in fact they only aim to relegate this season. Therefore, being ranked 10th on the chart with 34 points is an acceptable result compared to the position 11 that they finished last season. Reappearing after the great enemy of Covid-19, Hertha Berlin returned to sublimation with 2 consecutive victories, scoring 4 goals and not conceding. Calculated, in the last 4 rounds, the capital team are unbeaten. Thanks to that, they created a distance of up to 10 points compared to the group holding the red light and can completely rest assured for the rest of the tournament. In the first match, teachers and teachers Bruno Labbadia fell right at home with a score of 2-4. In addition to having lost all four meetings with RB Leipzig, it is clear that Hertha Berlin will be very difficult to get points on this trip.