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Bundesliga: SGE vs BMG

After a long period of delay due to the CoVid-19 pandemic, the Bundesliga finally kicked off with a series of games worth watching. At Commerzbank-Arena, host Frankfurt will have a relatively important match with rival Ggladbach. Let's wait and see if the teachers and coaches Adi Hütter take advantage of the pitch to end the series of bowls, or Ggladbach will continue to fly high to maintain a position in the first group. 

Before the European leagues had to be postponed due to the epidemic, Frankfurt had to end up being no more bitter with a 3-3 defeat to Basel in the Europa Legue arena. The result is considered the end of the coaching staff of coach Adi Hütter in the European arena and they only have the Bundesliga to strive. The problem is that Frankfurt is showing an extremely frail face in Germany's No. 1 playground. Specifically after 24 rounds this team won only 28 points and is temporarily ranked in 12th place. Before the tournament had to be postponed, Frankfurt had a very erratic performance. Prove that the last 5 rounds, this team only won 1 victory, 1 draw and lost in all 3 rounds back here. With such a poor performance, it is very difficult for the Commerzbank-Arena team to be able to surprise a high-level Ggladbach.

Before the tournament was postponed, Ggladbach had a light 2-1 victory over rookie FC Koln. In general, this is the season that teachers and coach Marco Rose showed a very bright face. Specifically after 25 rounds they stand in 4th place with 49 points. Of course Ggladbach fans have reason to regret when their beloved team has a long time standing at the top of the table. But need to understand that the force of coach Marco Rose is in hand is very difficult to compete for the throne. Therefore, keeping a position in the top 4 and attending the Champions League playground next season is a reasonable plan at this time. Therefore, just having to meet a sub-team like Frankfurt will not be too hard for Ggladbach to get all 3 points.