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Bundesliga: SGE vs FCB

Last weekend, Eintracht Frankfurt received a 2-5 difference defeat to defending champion Bayern Munich. This is the 5th defeat in a row in the No. 1 Germany tournament of teachers and students Adi Hutter, which contributes to pushing them to 13th place in the rankings.

Although the decline did not brake, but on the exchange, Eintracht Frankfurt is still arranged by the Asian bookmakers to play the upper door. This is not too surprising because in addition to the superiority of reputation, class and force, Eintracht Frankfurt also has a yard advantage.

However, the handicap spread that the house listed on the exchange quickly fluctuated in an unfavorable direction for Eintracht Frankfurt. If initially, Coach Hutter's army accepted Freiburg 0: 1/2, then 1 day later that index decreased to 0: 1/4.

Obviously, in the context of darkness completely covering the sky Commerzbank-Arena, few believe Eintracht Frankfurt will prosper tomorrow morning. Need to know that, in the last bowl match, Hutter teachers and students lost to rookie Union Berlin at home.

Moreover, Freiburg is not a mediocre team. After 27 rounds, Freiburg is ranked 7th, less than the nearest position to attend the European Cup 2 points. Do not talk about the draw, surely Christian Streich teachers and students will aim for 3 points to put pressure on the top 6.