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Bundesliga: SVW vs BMG

Given the current position, it is understandable that Gladbach is appreciated by the house owner. A  fluctuation between the Gladbach handicap and the 3/4 handicap, but no matter what the rate, the norm is still good for Gladbach. Bremen had just won Freiburg in round 27 but noted that Freiburg did not have much fighting motivation.

Moreover, Gladbach is different from Freiburg, and Marco Rose's students are also eager to regain the top 3 position they have lost after losing to Leverkusen. The quality of Bremen's team is hard to compare with Gladbach at this time. In addition, Bremen's home sentiment is not good and they have lost all of the last 7 rounds.

If you look at the Asian index, Bremen is really unreliable because in all the home rounds from the beginning of the season, no team has ever conquered the rate barrier. On the opposite side, Gladbach has a very good mentality during the trips to the past. Demonstrating the latest 3 rounds away from home, Gladbach has won and they have overcome in the last 4 away games.

Besides, compared to the past, today's ratio is clearly a big step forward for Gladbach. Do not forget that the last 3 times landed in the Weserstadion, Gladbach are not in the upper door (the price is acceptable or 1/4 accepted). And also remember that all three games that Gladbach won the final.