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Premier League meeting without any decision

No decision has been made regarding the continuation of the edition, the official website of the Premier League announced on Friday.

A video conference of Premier League clubs was held on Friday, where possible steps towards planning to complete the 2019-2020 edition were discussed. This will only be done when there is security and when it is appropriate.

"It was reiterated that everyone's opinion is on Covid - 19. Moreover, the priority of the Premier League is the health and safety of players, coaches, managers, club staff, fans and the wider community. The league and clubs are considering the first moves towards further progress and the return to training and matches will be done only with the instructions of the Government, under the medical advice of experts and after consulting with players and managers ", it is said in the communicated of the English Premier League.

"The clubs in the meeting have exchanged information regarding the project for resumption. It was confirmed that the players and coaches are key in this process and that they will be consulted. The clubs reconfirmed their commitment to end the season, maintaining the integrity of the race. The clubs have welcomed the government's support.