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UFC 249: Ferguson vs. Gaethje - Preview of the Main Card

The United States lives a reality of more than 75 thousand deaths by COVID-19 -, 1,750 confirmed only yesterday. Still, the state of Florida decided to release some events, albeit without an audience. Dana White took advantage of the situation and went after the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville to promote three events in eight days. We started with UFC 249 , this Saturday.

At least, the organization has put together a phenomenal card , starting with the main duel. There is no view that indicates that the meeting between Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje is less than sensational. The clash is worth the interim lightweight belt, (re) created after Khabib Nurmagomedov failed to reach an agreement with promoters to defend his title.

The main event alone would be worth the ticket (which no one will pay), but the UFC really cared. Another title dispute brings Dominick Cruz back after 40 months away. Dominator will challenge Henry Cejudo's crown for the co-main event.

For the heavyweight division, a violent encounter between Francis Ngannou and Jairzinho Rozenstruik should end with a body lying on the ground in less than five minutes. Before them, feathers Jeremy Stephens and Calvin Kattar must punch each other like there's no tomorrow. Opening the main portion of UFC 249, Greg Hardy will put his asthma (as it is) for a game against the coronavirus and against  Yorgan de Castro , also for the big guys .


Of the last eight times he went up to the octagon, Tony Ferguson (25-3 in MMA, 15-1 in the UFC) got an equal number of bonuses, five of them the best fight of the night. Its trail of destruction left fighters of all sorts of styles in brutal and suffocating shows along the way. In the last performance, Ferguson was already deforming Donald Cerrone's face when "Cowboy" thought it would be a good idea to blow air pressure. Result: the face swelled absurdly, making the doctor indicate the end of a fight that was already going on like a massacre.

Originally a wrestler , “Bicho Papão” has not used this tool much. Instead, he developed a set of punches fired in an astonishing volume, with intense movement, well-taken kicks and dangerous jiu-jitsu, even when he is underneath - and, despite being a wrestler , Ferguson often finds himself on his back to the floor due to unorthodox juggling. This style made him one of the most exciting fighters of all time, but that didn't happen without cost. Tony seems to feed on blood and it takes longer than desired to step on the gas. When he picks up the pace, he still hasn't found anyone to face it. However, until then, it takes a lot of unnecessary fright. And that is exactly where the danger for this Saturday duel lies.

Since he started nine years ago in the Ring of Fire, Justin Gaethje (21-2 in MMA, 4-2 in the UFC) has already given signs that he would be a guy to keep up with - his debut ended when he gently nailed his opponent to the ground in the knock -pile while the unwary tried to get a submission. The reign of terror continued at the WSOF, when he got into some epic duels. So it goes on in the UFC, with seven bonuses in six fights and two of the three best fights of 2017.

All-American from NCAA Division I by the University of Northern Colorado, Gaethje uses wrestlingas little as Ferguson, but the sport still helps you defensively. Keeping the fighting standing, Gaethje plays and lets play, justifying the nickname "Highlight". He has fierce combinations, attacks the body with great propriety and needs to make less effort to promote someone's encounter with the devil. In the last few shows, Justin has shown himself to be a little more cerebral, choosing the blows better, understanding a little more the time to release the beast. This is a danger to the opponents: a guy with a hard chin and no fear of getting in his face understood that he cannot launch himself like crazy, otherwise the gas tank will collapse. This change will definitely be put to the test in this confrontation.
Ferguson is a guy who has no qualms about being beaten in the face and is capable of fighting at a suffocating pace that few can handle. Gaethje is a guy who has no qualms about getting beaten in the face and is able to fight at a suffocating pace that few can handle. Chance to go bad? None. But what happens when two pathological violent people meet?

Gas is the answer. Ferguson's is going to endure horrors, but he has to hit the stride, like an old car engine. And every second he needs to, the former interim champion will be in serious trouble. He has a hard chin, but betting on that in a first round against Gaethje seems like a hallucination that not even a lunatic like Ferguson would be capable of.

In these initial moments, low kicks should be used at will by Gaethje, aiming to disrupt Ferguson's movement until he finds the opening to release the dogs on the opponent. Tony will need to stay out of danger, but at the same time, force Justin to move to wear him out. Changing power on the grid is dangerous, but Ferguson is not very wise, so maybe that crosses his mind.

In the end, I can write for days imagining a lot of things. It arrives on Saturday and these freaks will let their fists fly as if the salvation of humanity is at stake. My bet is on Ferguson's survival in the hell of the first round and gradually start to accelerate, reaching the point of knocking out Gaethje's remains in the fourth round. However, let no one be alarmed if Gaethje hands Ferguson over to the clown before the eighth minute.