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Bundesliga: Bayern & Dortmund

Bayern Munich 14:30 Freiburg
RB Leipzig 14:30 B Dortmund

Finally, Bayern Munich officially defended the silver disc this season. Therefore, the remaining matches only have procedural meaning with "Gray Lobster". That means this will be a chance for Freiburg to earn points as the home team will keep the strength for the Champions League arena coming back. So wait to see if the army of Coach Christian Streich has created a surprise to continue racing the ticket to the European playground next season.

There was still no surprise when the Bundesliga returned after the epidemic, because Bayern Munich for the 8th year in a row winning the silver plate was a familiar thing. Experiencing 32 matches, "Gray Lobster" brought in 24 victories, 4 draws and 4 losses to get 76 points. Currently the defending champion has far ahead of his opponent Dortmund to 10 points in the rankings. The strength of Bayern Munich is undisputed and every opponent expected to overthrow the reign of Bayern Munich is admired. There have been times when this team seemed to fall into a stalemate. But with the force too strong, with stability through the rounds, Bayern Munich continues to dominate at this time. In the remaining 2 rounds, Bayern Munich certainly will not exert effort when their immediate future will be the prestigious European playground.

Freiburg is having a successful season in the Bundesliga this year, regardless of the results in the last two rounds, the teachers and teachers of Christian Streich still deserve praise. Currently, the away team is in seventh place with 45 points after 12 wins, 9 draws and lost 11 matches just 1 point behind the above team. The ticket to the European playground next season is just 1 point away, so Freiburg will play extremely determined in the upcoming match. In fact, Christian Streich's army had 2 victories in the last 3 rounds and unbeaten in all 3 matches. In addition to the fact that Bayern Munich will play more leisurely than ever, Freiburg's ability to score is very bright.