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Bundesliga: FCU vs S04

The penultimate match in the 30th round will take place on the home of rookie Union Berlin who are leveling off their thirst after 6 rounds to gradually leave the red light group. But their visiting team, Schalke, is also thirsty for 3 points after 11 consecutive rounds to hold on to hope of competing for the European Cup ticket.

They are 13th with 31 points, overall the gap is still under their control but the final rounds are met with direct relegation competitors, only Schalke at the upcoming home ground and do Hoffenheim's guests were unrelated and the clashes with Cologne with Paderborn or Düsseldorf were vital to them. Union defeated Frankfurt in the 23rd round, but it was one of three rare victories that Union Berlin won in 2020, Urs Fischer's team lost to the top team of Bayern Munich and rivals in the city. Hertha then drew Mainz with a 1-1 draw, before being defeated 1-4 in Mönchengladbach. However, they are 4 points away from the relegation play-off position, Die Eisernen only lost 4 points compared to their remaining 5 competitors earlier in the campaign. Christopher Trimmel may be Union's best hope in staying in the Bundesliga, the captain has created seven of Europe's top assists with five times from corner situations, in which Union Berlin scored 14 out of their 33 goals from dead ball situations. This figure is up to 44%, this is the highest rate of any team in the Bundesliga until this time.

Coach David Wagner is having a headache due to the absence of his three star midfielders Amine Harit (ligament), and Suat Serdar (knee), these are their number two strikers this season. while the American player McKennie was suspended, the ability of the captain Osmar Mascarell (groin) and Stambouli (not physically fit) was left open. They just lost 0-1 at home to Werder Bremen, who are putting the penultimate table of the BXH to extend the game without winning to 11 consecutive rounds, which were left by the European Cup group with a gap of 5 points. The away field is also making them nervous because losing 4 times in the last 6 consecutive games will not win.