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Bundesliga: KOE vs RBL

FC Koln's home team has performed poorly in recent days. In the last 5 matches, FC Koln has won 1 game, 2 draws and 2 losses

This is the result that makes FC Koln fans worried due to the recent decline in performance and if this momentum continues, risk falling down the group holding the red light. FC Koln now earns 34 points after 29 matches and is ranked 11 in the German league. ↚

On the other side, the RB Leipzig visitors have not performed well in recent times. In the last 5 matches, RB Leipzig won 1 win and 4 draws, although the last 5 matches were unbeaten, only 1 win made RB Leipzig out of the top 4 and they need to try. more. RB Leipzig now has 55 points for themselves after 28 matches and is ranked fifth in the German league.

The position of the two teams is different when the host FC Koln is in the middle of the table and the visitors RB Leipzig are competing for the top 4, the actual force of RB Leipzig is slightly better than the host FC Koln so with the rafter. RB Leipzig accepts FC Koln 1 left, the player who chooses RB Leipzig will be more likely to win.