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Bundesliga: WOB vs Bayern

Bayern Munich has just set an unprecedented record when it became the first team to win the Bundesliga 8 times in a row. Obviously it is a worthy result after what "Gray Lobster" has shown. The round is now here, although Bayern Munich has no specific goals to strive for. However, Wolfsburg also did not dream of humiliating the defending champion on the day of the end of the season.

In the last round, Wolfsburg excelled at Schalke (4-1) right away. The result has helped "Green Wolf" somewhat ease the pressure after a series of 2 rounds not being able to get 3 points before. With 49 points after 33 rounds, Wolfsburg is still in 6th place in the table. In fact, they still need to win this round to be sure to participate in the Europa League group stage next year. However, Wolfsburg was quite unstable when they won 2 and also lost 2 in the last 5 appearances. Not to mention, the visitors are still playing too stable will make the opportunity for Wolfsburg points from their hands is extremely difficult. Remember, all of the last 4 confrontations, Wolfsburg could not win even 1 point. Even 5 times recently to welcome Bayern Munich, Wolfsburg have left the field in frustration.

After a very struggling start, it seemed that Bayern Munich had to cede the throne to rival Dortmund after 7 years of domination. But the appointment of coach Hans-Dieter Flick has changed everything. Under this strategist "Gray Lobster" regained the power of dominance in German football now. Currently Bayern Munich are showing a form that is unquestionable when they have been the 15th consecutive victory in all competitions. Coach Hans-Dieter Flick's team dominates the Bundesliga with 79 points after 33 rounds. The last match in round 33, Bayern Munich won at home against opponents Freiburg 3-1. With the spirit of rising, of course Bayern Munich does not want to get the sad ending on the day of the curtain final.