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From a team competing for a top spot, Hull City repeatedly disappointed and even plunged down the red-light group after the last round. The situation was very urgent with "Tigers", but there was no sign of the revival of this team. The next round, having to be a guest on Birmingham's mecca, the inferior series of Hull City promises to continue.

Birmingham do not seem to have many goals striving for the rest of the English Premier League this season. Currently the home team St. Andrew's Birmingham is 16th in the rankings with 48 points and 7 points more than the red light area. With that gap, only in dreams do people imagine the prospect of relegation for Birmingham. But the home team must still be careful, because in the last 5 rounds they have not won but drawn 4 and lost 1. In this round, playing at home to welcome Hull City is in the group holding the red light. will be an opportunity for Birmingham City to improve the score. The draw of the top team West Brom in the day after the pandemic helped Birmingham to greatly improve morale. Especially, Birmingham plays at home very well, losing only 1/7 of the latest visitors.

In terms of form, Hull City are the team with the worst performance in the English First Division recently. Defeat at home to Charlton in the last round has raised their losing streak to 5. Especially, in the last 12 rounds they have not once triumphed. If losing Chelsea in the FA Cup, Hull City have not won 13 matches in a row. On the standings, Hull City are stomping on the spot in the group holding the red light with only 41 points after 11 wins, 8 draws and 19 losses. With a poor performance, the match against Birmingham on away field will be no small challenge. Because you need to know that Hull City drew 1 and lost to 3 in the last 4 times as a guest of Birmingham.