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Fulham 12:30 Brentford
West Brom 3:00 Birmingham

Back after the Covid-19 pandemic, the First Division English playground will enter the most important stage of the season. There every game will be vital for teams competing for promotion tickets like Fulham and Brentford. Currently both teams are in the play-off group, but they are also under great pressure from behind. So wait and see, Fulham will play like in the day back and whether Brentford will continue to bring 3 points as the first leg match.

There are 24 teams participating in the First Division, so teams will have to play 46 rounds. Before the tournament had to be postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Fulham had played 37 matches. They earned themselves 64 points and the 3rd place in the rankings. However, Craven Cottage currently has two teams ranked 6 and 7 points lower, respectively. That means it is difficult for Fulham to win the promotion ticket directly. Especially when Leeds and West Brom are playing extremely stable. Only getting the play-off ticket made Fulham's promotion opportunity smaller. Therefore they still have to try their best to level the gap with the two leading teams. In terms of form, Fulham is playing quite well when unbeaten in the last 4 rounds. In addition Fulham also has reason to be confident before this match. 

In his last appearance, Brentford was very impressed when the Sheffield Wed massacre to 5 goals did not remove at home. Currently with 60 points, the opportunity for Brentford to squeeze into the top two positions is almost impossible. However, it is feasible to maintain the 4th position with the ticket to attend the promotion play-off round. However, the visitors need to be aware when their performance has decreased more or less recently. Specifically, in the last 5 rounds, although they lost only 1, they only won 1 and to draw 3 matches. Moreover, Brentford did not even win in the last 3 away games when drawing 2, losing 1. In the first match, with home advantage, Brentford had a minimum victory. However, as a guest in London in this rematch, it is difficult for Brentford to repeat that feat.