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Defeating Hull right in the opponent's mecca, Charlton temporarily escaped the group holding the red light spectacularly. However, their distance from the danger zone is still very small, so Charlton needs to take every opportunity to improve his achievement. In this round, the return to the home to receive a QPR is not much goal, 3 points is the goal completely within the reach of the Valley team.

Charlton came to the English Premier League this season as a rookie, so the tone is not too surprising with what teachers and coaches L. Bowyer are showing. At the moment Charlton is ranked 19th on the table with 42 points after 38 matches. The fact that they are only 1 point better than the red light, the challenge for the next rounds is not small. In terms of style, the home team plays not really well when the last 5 matches they won 2 wins and 3 losses. It is worth mentioning that Charlton's attack has been playing poorly recently. Prove that the last 4 rounds they have only 1 time to net the opponent and netted the remaining 3 matches. However, Charlton was quite good at home when he lost only 1 and won 3 in the last 5 visits. In addition to having won both of QPR recently.

Losing to the penultimate team on the standings is Barnsley at home. QPR shows signs of relaxation recently when they have given themselves a relatively safe position. Specifically, the visitors are getting 50 points and ranked 12th in the rankings, with the current score they are 9 points higher than the red light group. A safe distance to say when the tournament is about to reach the final rounds. In the last 8 away games in the First Division, QPR won only 1 match, drew 2 and received 5 defeats. In addition, Warburton's army lost 5 and only got 1 draw and 1 victory in the last 7 away games on Charlton's yard.