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EPL: Citizens vs BFC

At the Etihad home field, Man City is focusing on the second leg of the Champions League round of 16 with Real Madrid, so the match in this round of 30 when encountering an annoying opponent Burnley is looking for prosperity will be one again. difficult match. Will Burnley win unexpectedly after 2 consecutive rounds to get back to the top half of the table?

With Sterling's stalemate opening goal with a volley from Leno in the first half and Kevin Buyrne's goal on penalties and the Premier League's first Premier League goal of the season, Phil Foden in the last minute helped Man City win. jubilantly 3-0 against Arsenal at home in the match made up for the round of 28. They can at least delay Liverpool's coronation a further round if the song triumphs in this match. Defender Eric Garcia left the field on a stretcher after 90 minutes with a collision with goalkeeper Ederson and Sergio Aguero could not improve his record of 16 goals this season despite only playing 22 games, he is inferior to Vardy in the lead. The top scorer in the tournament is a distance of 3 goals but there are still 10 games left to have the first time to win the Golden Boot despite being the 3rd person to have 100 goals in 1 single shirt in Premier League history. In the last 9 home games, Man City won 7 victories as well as the triumph song up to 8 times in the last 9 matches facing Burnley. The Citizens still have the Champions League front won 2-1 in the second round of the round in Real Madrid's stadium on Spain.

Their attack received two uninformed news when the number one strikers Ashley Barnes and Chris Wood were not sure how to play this match with heel and shoulder injuries, the pair scored a total of 17 goals. , accounting for half of the team's total goal, and the absence of Iceland player Gudmundsson also made them lose the moderator of the game. Burnely at the last 3 times away from home were unbeaten, even though goalkeeper Nick Pope is having the best saving rate in the wooden frame, but they are still conceding the most top 11 teams in the table with 40 goals. Burnley since the 0-3 defeat at Chelsea at Stamford Bridge has climbed up the top half of the standings with a 7-round consecutive circuit unbeaten including the holdings of both Tottenham and Arsenal, coach and coach Sean Dyche is only inferior to the top 6 win tickets to the European Cup distance of 5 points.