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West Ham who are in precarious form in the bottom group of the group will have a fulcrum of Olympic home ground in this 30 round to welcome uncomfortable Wolves in the very stable upper half of the table. Will the Wolves win the 3rd match in a row against their opponent to be unbeaten in 6 rounds and keep the top 6 in the European Cup? But The Hammers really wanted the triumphant track on their home turf to widen the gap with the red light.

Before the break due to the Covid epidemic, West Ham received 3 defeats and 2 defeats they could not score when losing on the field of the two giants Arsenal and Man City despite conceding a plus of 3 goals is also a compliment for their 3rd worst defense at the moment with 50 goals lost. The rare victory, if counted broadly in the last 9 rounds for them, is a surprise defeat of the representative from the South, Southampton with a score of 3-1 when they have home support, that is their 7th victory this season. and West Ham have lost 16 matches from the start of the season and 3 matches against the first-class competitors are the last round to welcome rookie Aston Villa. Teachers and coach David Moyes have only 27 points equal to the 18th position of Bournemouth. They are also very afraid of Wolves when all of the wolves collected the last 3 encounters but could not score, conceded 6 times.

Wolves lost only once to Espanyol in the second leg of the 16th round of the Euorpa League when marching to Spain but still going on and having a 1-1 draw in Greece before Olympiakos in the first round of the 1/8 round. That holds a bit of an advantage. In the Premier League, the Wolves are 43 points, slightly ahead of Sheffield in terms of goal difference being followed, the last 5 rounds they have been unbeaten but drawn 3 matches and are now competing with Arsenal to win the title of king of points. of the prize with 13 times. The speedy couple, Raul Jimenez and Adama Traore, are the scariest guns of Wolves when they together scored 17 goals and assists, including 8 assists for each with 5 times from counterattack full of pattern.