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Norwich 17:30 Man Utd

To have a ticket to participate in the quarterfinals of the FA Cup, the "Canaries" Norwich City excelled at Tottenham in the round of 16 after a penalty shootout. However, facing the prospect of relegation in the Premier League. Most likely Norwich City will have to give up the FA Cup arena to determine death for the most prestigious playground of the country. Obviously that is no more happy news for Man United, in the context that they are also very thirsty for a title under coach Solskjaer.

Staying at home to welcome an Everton down the slope and there is no goal to strive. However, Norwich City has caused a huge disappointment when it fell to the minimum score (1-0). Thus, the last 3 rounds, the "Canaries lost. If calculated further, they lost 4/5 recent matches and only won 1. The poor result made Norwich City continue to die at the bottom of the table with 21 points and 6 points lower than the safe area. In the context of the season still has 7 rounds, the opportunity for Norwich City is still quite bright. The problem is that they need to improve their performance and morale as soon as possible. With those big issues, it's hard for teachers and coach Daniel Farke to continue to daydream at the FA Cup playground. By looking at reality, it is too difficult for Norwich City to have a title when most of the giants of English football are present in the quarterfinals.

It is expected to face many difficulties in the reception of Sheffield Utd at home in the frame of the 30th Premier League round. But Man United easily overcame the competition by crushing the opponent to 3 goals. Currently, the unbeaten match of Man United has been extended to 13, with 9 of them being victories, and 4 draws. The result helped them maintain their 5th position with 49 points currently. With 5 points inferior to the team ranked above is Chelsea, the opportunity to break through is still with "Red". Currently the FA Cup is also the front that coach Solskjaer has great expectations, because he aspires to the first official title with the Old Trafford team. In this quarterfinals, the Reds only have to meet Norwich City, obviously too difficult for "Canaries" to make things right at home. History also shows that Man United lost only 1 and won 4 in the last 5 confrontations of the two teams.