Contrary to the predictions of the scrutiny , Brentford had a lot of difficulties during the trip to Swansea in the first leg of the playoffs semi-finals this season. Despite being more appreciated, Brentford's play faced a standstill against an older Swansea about the experience of the match and the 0-1 defeat in Wales that reflected this fact.

Losing 0-1, meaning that they want to continue, Brentford must win 2 goals difference, or at least they must beat Swansea with the same score to hope in extra time or penalty shootout. But with the current performance and what was shown in the first leg, this is a very difficult task for teachers and coach Thomas Frank.

Brentford's form is really problematic because before the defeat in Wales, Brentford showed signs of imbalance when losing both matches against Stoke and Barnsley, the failures that made them miss the promotion ticket. Next, even losing the opportunity to appear in the Premier League.

Meanwhile, Swansea has proved that their presence in the top 6 is completely out of luck. If veteran striker Andrea Ayew did not miss the penalty, the score was 2-0 for the Black Swan. But a goal and a clean sheet is enough for Swansea to play determined to kill to win tickets to the final.

Even if Swansea does not play a calculated game, Brentford is not necessarily overpowering the Black Swan. 10 times recently, teachers and coach Thomas Frank only had 2 victories in addition to 8 defeats. Despite home-field advantage, but it is likely that Brentford will have to stop in the race to win tickets to play in the Premier League next season.

Overford under Brentford vs Swansea
The attack is the reason that makes Brentford difficult. Specifically, in the past 3 consecutive games, Brentford strikers only scored a goal and it was a 1-2 defeat at home against Barnsley.

As for Swansea, the last two-thirds of the away team have only had one goal scored. With the nature of a final, the opportunity to explode is not high, especially in the context of Swansea ability to play radical defense to find a draw.