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  Darts: what are the rules of the game?

Darts: what are the rules of the game?

An iron wire can be the difference between victory or defeat. It's what makes darts one of the most exciting sports to watch. A game that involves millimeters. But in order to sit with clammy hands in front of the television like the rest of the sports-loving in the global, you must of course know the darts rules. In this article you can read how it is.

The Scoring

The dartboard consists of twenty numbered areas, containing two rings. The outer ring (the double) accounts for twice the value of that box. For example, if you roll in the double 19, that will give you 38 points. An arrow in the smaller inner ring (the triple) triples the value of the box. With a roll in the triple 20 you score 60 points. If you throw in the other large boxes (the single), it counts once for the number thrown.

Darts Scoring

The middle red circle (the bullseye) is worth 50 points. If your arrow ends up in green around it, you score 25 points. Not an arrow in the bullseye, but the triple 20 will therefore earn the most points. If you throw three arrows in the triple 20, you have reached the maximum score of 180 within one turn.

Darts: what are the rules of the game?

Darts: Game Rules

There are different types of dart games, but on television you almost always see the classic 501. The aim of this game is to get to 0 points as soon as possible. Players try to score as high scores as possible with three darts per turn. This point count decreases from 501.

In addition, it is important to know that you have to get exactly 0 points, where you end with a double. For example, if the player still has 32 points left, he or she must hit the double 16 to throw out and win the leg. If you accidentally roll more than the number of points you have left, the turn ends and no points are deducted. If you have 50 points left, you can also throw out by hitting the bullseye.

Darts: what are the rules of the game?

Legs and Sets

Darts are played in legs. A player wins a leg by first throwing out a pot of 501 (and thus ending in 0). In many television tournaments, a game consists of a certain number of legs. For example, the match will be played in a 'best of 9 legs'. This means that 9 legs is the maximum number in a match, so you have enough legs to win the game.

Some tournaments - such as the World Darts Championship - are all about the number of sets won. Such a set is comparable to tennis. But instead of taking six games to win the set, darts require three legs to win the set. Names of Darts tournaments: World Champions, World Champions Youth, Premier League, World Matchplay, World Grand Prix, UK Open, European Championship , Grand Slam of Darts, Players Championship Finals, World Cup of Darts, The Masters, Champions League of Darts, World Series of Darts.